How to Dispatch Trucks

Trucks dispatch
Truck dispatching is a rapidly growing business. Many companies hire their own dispatchers, but other companies and some individuals who own and operate their own trucks hire the services of a dispatching company. Before the Internet, truck dispatchers kept charts to keep track of drivers and loads. Today, with high speed Internet and software designed specifically to aid truck dispatchers, efficiency is increased. Dispatchers use the Internet to find loads and backhaul loads, enabling a driver to earn money for nearly all the miles he puts on his truck.

Items you will need:
  • Computer
  • Internet service
  • Dispatcher software program
  • Cell phone
  • Fax machine

1. Select a dispatcher-software program to meet the specific needs of your dispatching company. There are many programs from which to choose, including free shareware programs. Compare features with the needs of your company and select the program that provides the features you need.

2. Install dispatching software on your computer. Follow instructions provided with your software program.

3. Track the location of each of your truck drivers. Set up an account for each of your drivers. Some software programs come with Global Position Systems, allowing you to pinpoint the location of each driver.

4. Set up your client accounts. Create entries for regular clients and routine hauling needs.

5. Assign loads to each driver based upon drivers' locations and drivers' licenses for intrastate commerce. Complete estimated time of arrival for each load.

6. Search for backhaul loads for your drivers, based upon estimated time of arrival of the truck at the assigned location and the anticipated unloading time for each truck.

7. Communicate with your drivers. Use cell phones to make assignments and to stay in communication with your drivers. When drivers have delays you will have to adjust schedules, communicate with clients and reschedule trips based upon available trucks. Fax machines are used to receive orders from clients.

Customer service and reliability are key to operating a successful dispatching company. The dispatcher has two customers, truck drivers and clients.

Always have contingency plans in mind. Delays happen. Time is money is an adage that could not be more true than it is for the trucking business.