5 Best Truck Driving Schools In Texas

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Roadmaster Drivers School
Are you looking for the best truck driving school in Texas? You have just landed at the right page. Here, we give our unbiased reviews on the best schools for people who want to be truck drivers in Texas. To acquire a CDL, you have to go through an accredited training school here in Texas. Below are reviews of 5 best truck driving schools in Texas that provide the best truck driving training to students.

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Roadmaster Drivers School of San Antonio, TX

Roadmaster driver’s school offers CDL training that fully equips their students to face the road with confidence. Truck driving students are offered practical CDL training so that they may get the real world driving skills for truck drivers and get their Class A CDL license.

The school has some of the friendliest instructors who will calmly take you through the entire training process. At Roadmaster, their students get training using the latest equipment in the industry so they are always ahead of the pack. The training school is approved and accredited by the The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Career Schools and Colleges and Texas Workforce Commission.

What does Roadmaster offer?
• Full time, part-time and weekend classes
• Provides financing options for those students who qualify to join them
• Highest quality truck driver training for about 3 to 4 weeks
Class A CDL and Class B CDL training
• Veteran trainings
Its also located in a metropolitan city San Antonio,TX which has lots of great outdoor activities and the widely known River Walk.

Action Career Training School

Action Career Training was started in 1987. Its main goal is to offer excellent training for their student drivers so that they are well prepared in this dynamic industry. Action career training aims at training and graduating competent drivers who possess the necessary knowledge and experience to join and grow in the commercial trucking career. They also offer assist in funding such as employer tuition reimbursement plans, financing based on credit report and united way

Trainers at Action Career Training are highly experienced and trained to the highest standards. They offer various aspects of training which include classroom, field training and practical driving instructions.

Classroom Training

Their classes are made of very small numbers so that the instructor can attend to the individual needs of every learner. In the first week of training, all what is necessary to obtain a CDL permit, Class A and pass the Texas department of public safety exams is covered. Additionally, log books, Department of Transport rules and regulations and trip planning are also covered. Students also get their DOT physical and proceed with DOT medical cards.

Student based Training
Student drivers who join action career training get top notch truck driver training that can match no other college. Throughout the training process, every student will receive a one-on-one guidance with their trainer.

160-Hour CDL “A” Training Program
The 160 hour training prepares you for a good career ahead in the trucking industry it does not matter whether you opt to drive regionally or over the road. This class trains you so that you can qualify for a Texas Class A CDL.

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Truck Driver Institute

This is one of the most respected truck driving schools based in Texas. It has top of the range equipment, modern facilities and the best instructors in the industry. Their truck driving school is open meaning that students can choose what carrier to work for after they have finished training.
At truck driver institute, students undergo a training course for only 15 days after which, they get to acquire their CDL as soon as possible.

The training involves classroom teaching and practical training which ensures you complete your course with the best skills and experience that are vital in the transportation industry.

During the training program, you will learn both the technical and operational aspects of driving semi trucks and then trucks. In the practical lessons, you will be put in a truck with an instructor to guide you. After you have completely mastered how to handle trucks, you will be tested for a class A CDL license.

Amarillo College

Amarillo College has been offering truck driving training for over 30 years in Texas. There is a tremendous growth in the trucking industry and there is need for well trained truck drivers. At Amarillo College, you will get the best trucking training with practical lessons for operating tractors / trailers.

After student truck drivers have completed this course, they are able to get a Class A CDL. Student’s also get training from National Safety Council Certified instructors on defensive driving for forklift operation and large trucks.

How much will the entire program cost?
Approximately, the entire course will cost $3,069 which includes tuition and fees (costs for driver’s license and DOT physical are included)
However, HAZMAT background checks are extra charges and are not usually included in the fees. That means a student will cover for them separately.

St. Philip’s College

This college is located in San Antonio, Texas. This training program is one of the best in Texas because they are highly dedicated to safety and training. Their training mainly specializes in placing their graduates in the oil fields of Southern Texas. Their program offers the best values in the truck driving industry and it provides student truckers with a way that is affordable to join the transportation industry. Their mode of training does not include any observation time.

Additionally, St Philips College provides financial help for those who are qualified to join the program but lack the finances. Their program is approved by Texas for WIA funding. Their training is done one-on-one which ensures they have students who are competent for both over the road and oil fields. St Philips College also helps with enrolling truck drivers in the SPC program and provides employment opportunities.
This is a perfect place to start a career as a truck driver.

If you live in Texas, the above schools are the ideal starting points. Get a school that caters for your needs and where you feel you will get only the best training. Your paying for it, remember?