The features of the dispatcher.

Cargo dispatcher will help to organize the process of cargo transportation. This article will discuss in detail the features of the dispatcher.

The dispatcher solutions

Everyone had a situation when you need to carry the goods. Independently organizing the process of transportation is quite difficult, since there are no skills in finding suitable transport and movers. And here comes the dispatcher for cargo transportation.

The dispatcher workplace

A freight dispatcher is an intermediary between the customer (the cargo owner) and the carrier (transport company), whose responsibility is to organize the whole process of cargo transportation correctly. He must not only reduce the customer and the carrier but also find out all the nuances of cargo delivery, fill in all the necessary shipping documents, inform the carrier about the place of loading and unloading, the nature of the cargo, the method of loading and unloading. The dispatcher for cargo transportation is obliged to provide full information about the vehicle and its driver to the customer of the carriage, as well as to conclude a contract of carriage.

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