Latest Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations

When choosing a partner who will transport goods and raw materials, people should take into account conditions and reputation. It is better not to order the services of transport companies that have negative reviews. Business owners want to be confident that they will not incur losses due to product damage. The specifics of hiring drivers and control of cargo on the road are no less important. With us, business owners haven't any problems in this regard. We comply with legal regulations and have been using automated monitoring systems for each truck for more than 10 years.

Hours of Service (HOS)

The time during which drivers can drive is strictly regulated. It's not just about the time of day, but the duration of each transit. We monitor driving times and determine the number of rest periods using special electronics. This is to help drivers remain vigilant and alert. Generally, all carriers and drivers serving commercial trucks must comply new HOS rules. This also applies to our logistics company.

How is the Delivery of Groupage Cargo Carried Out?

The integrity of the goods and the promptness of delivery are the main factors for most of our

customers. People who need cargo transportation, first of all, pay attention to the working schedule

of companies and the specifics of monitoring processes. This is especially important for international

logistics. For such a service, control is carried out using navigation devices: GPS and GLONASS.

Transportation takes place in several stages:

  • The next batch is taken from the client to arrangement of cargo container in our warehouse 
  • The cargo arrives and the declaration takes place
  • New containers are marked for dispatch of cargo to the destination
  • The product arrives at our warehouse and the customer has to take away it

Each of our employees is aware of the value of the company's reputation. We fulfill all our obligations

to our clients. This applies to the terms and volumes of deliveries, which are spelled out in each

specific contract. This is the reason why we have more and more regular partners every year. We

are talking about entrepreneurs from different regions of the country.

How is the Delivery of Groupage Cargo Carried Out

Note! On June 1, 2020, the FMCSA revised 4 working hours regulations. All drivers are provided with

greater flexibility in their leisure time without compromising driving safety. Car transporters must

comply with 49 CFR 395. These regulations also apply to our drivers. You must take this into account

before entering the next contract.

Keep your Business Efficient By Order a Service From Professionals

Business owners are often looking for ways to order low-cost freight transportation. This is due to the

limited budget and unwillingness to overpay. However, the road transportation of goods has its own

specifics. People can save money only when they order the right truck and contact the right company.

When choosing a logistics partner, anyone should pay attention to how many cars there are in the

fleet and how the cargo transportation process is organized. We have over 100 trucks, including

refrigerators, small wagons with a carrying capacity of 2 tons, or large vans. When it comes to

monitoring drivers' working hours, we pay attention to the following: time of each transit, duration

of rest, compliance of the driver with the category of cargo.

Our Key Benefits

People who want to order our company’s trucks can do it only after they enter into a contract, in

which we spelled out all disputed situations. Our shipping company is responsible for the integrity

of the product and the correct execution of the itinerary and other forwarding papers. Our operators

help you choose a truck and always talk about the risks and specifics of transportation. We also

guarantee our partners the following:

  • Delivery of goods will be carried out without delay
  • In case of delay, the transport company pays a penalty
  • The cost is fixed initially
  • The operator and personal manager stay in touch with the client 24/7
Business Efficient By Order a Service From Professionals

Get your business more efficient. With good logistics, this is possible. Thousands of people who came to us were able to get a professional cargo delivery service. With us you will never be disappointed. This is confirmed by hundreds of reviews and letters of recommendation from our clients. Call us at any time of the day to order the service!