How to become a Professional Truck Dispatcher. Setup your Targets


Let’s start. So, we need to plan our destinations in such a way that the truck will get $8000, drive 3000 miles and will depart from NJ with the end destination in DE.

While planning a route, you need to take into account 2 things: CAPACITY of the lane , meaning that the route will have a lot of loads to choose from (at least 8 - 10 loads per day). We can check the capacity of the lane on TruckStop for example, using a RATEMATE tool. You will see all the statistics for a needed lane for the last week, month, year.

And the OTHER thing you need to pay attention to is an AVERAGE RATE. (you can also check it on TruckStop).

Basically, having only these two parameters, you can plan your route and reach the target.

Looking for loads from point A to point B it’s important to take into account the rates for each state. And you better choose those destinations, where the rate will be higher so, it will be easier to reach your target.

If you are totally new to this, and don’t know what lane rates are more beneficial, then you can choose the longest destinations. As a rule, those destinations are paid higher.

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