How to find loads for Box Truck

The dispatch service allows you to work only with direct customers. More than 1000 free loads every day. Acts as a financial guarantor, we conduct paperwork, and cover unforeseen losses. The service was created specifically to optimize work for all parties. A freight service exists for:

  • carriers who are looking for additional cargo for their car;

  • customers who want to send the cargo by a passing vehicle.

The site is a single database of carriers. Designed for domestic and international transportation. Individuals and legal entities can act as carriers and customers. The program provides an opportunity to order transportation at the lowest prices. This is extremely important when transporting cargo over long distances.

What are the benefits of the system

For example, if the flight is from Philadelphia to California, then you need to travel all states in the direction from east to west. There are also close orders. Professional transport and logistics companies operating in international directions help with the organization of customs clearance, optimize customs payments, accept storage for groupage shipments, insure cargo, provide a GPS tracking service, and of course provide a full set of official reporting documents.

This is a fairly common area that is gaining momentum every day. Therefore, taking a dispatcher course for a Box Truck is a good investment. Contact us for more information about the courses and what prospects await you in this profession.

For carriers, it is a virtual dispatcher who helps to find the return cargo on simple and understandable terms. Acts as a guarantor, covers unforeseen expenses. The advance scheme minimizes the risk of the customer refusing to transport at the last moment. A huge database of applications for transportation is a guarantor of stable work for conscientious carriers. The WIN-WIN strategy in which all parties win is fundamental to our service.