How to find carriers to dispatch

It happens that the search for a vehicle for transportation, as well as interaction with suppliers, takes 80% of the working time - and without a result in the end. Why?

  1. The carrier does not have a transport suitable for the cargo.

  2. There is no car for the required date: the driver will not be in time for loading.

  3. Not suitable for the price. The carrier proposes too high a rate, and it is not possible to reach a single solution. If he agrees to a too low rate, this is already a reason for suspicion.

At the same time, it is necessary not only to find a carrier: it is important that he is reliable, that is, he observes all agreements on transportation, delivers the cargo on time safe and sound, and pays taxes.

The carrier will find you himself

Get access to thousands of transport companies ready to provide transport for you by conducting transport auctions. Carriers will learn about your transport needs in real time: they will make the best offers to pick up your cargo and book free transport for you. In this case, the transportation should be successful with a 99% probability. To find a guaranteed number of vehicles for your cargo volume and for several directions at once, place a tender and close routes even faster. Once the winners of the tenders have been selected, you will be able to distribute the volumes over a specific period.

By the way, you can place closed tenders and auctions (between your accredited carriers), as well as hold open ones, inviting other users to participate. Enter into contracts to get not only the most interesting financial conditions, but also to reduce the likelihood of disruption of transportation. The number of auctions and tenders every month is not limited. In practice, auctions and tenders save your transportation costs by up to 20%, and also reduce labor costs for finding transport and interacting with suppliers by 30%.