How to open a truck dispatcher company?

The American market of companies providing logistics services is one of the most competitive today. However, this does not prevent hundreds of entrepreneurs from registering new transport companies every year and successfully developing in this direction, receiving good incomes.

Registration and starting a business

When looking for a place for a logistics company, it is worth starting from the warehouse. You should be located in a place convenient from the point of view of a traffic intersection, while it is highly desirable that this is not the city center (with the difficulties of driving trucks to a busy center, I think it is understandable). The ideal option is an industrial zone within the city, and it is best if the territory of the base is under round-the-clock security. The best option for registration of a transport company is LLC. The main activities suitable for this business are:

  1. Transportation of goods by specialized vehicles.

  2. Supporting activities related to land transport.

  3. Courier activity.

What are the features of this business niche, and what is the secret of the success of transport companies, which have grown from small regional market players over the years into large representatives of the industry? With today's material, we will open a cycle of several articles, in each of which we will consider the features of doing business in various areas of logistics.

Groupage cargo delivery assumes that one cargo vehicle delivers different goods to several customers at once. This can be, for example, a tilt truck, in the body of which they placed auto parts for a wholesale distributor, and stationery for another small company, and private things for an individual to move to another city for immediate delivery.

The main criterion when looking for a warehouse at the start is the presence of a ramp for loading and unloading trucks and light vehicles. It should be level with the loading height of most of the machines you plan to use in your work. You can get more information about starting your own business from our employees.