Truck dispatcher training in Idaho

Logistics is the art of calculating, reasoning. Our course will help you fully master this art in the field of transportation management. Did you know that the competent actions of the logistician reduce the cost of producing individual goods by 30%? Take the course and learn how to optimize the cost of transportation of goods!

A freight dispatcher is a specialist who acts as an intermediary between transport companies, their potential clients and drivers. On the one hand, the main task of such an employee is to search for consignors and organize their delivery in the most beneficial way for the Client. And on the other hand, the performance of work aimed at full loading of the transport of the Company planning the transportation of goods. In other words, the essence of the dispatcher's work is to "please" both carriers and customers, and at the same time get the most profitable percentage of monetary reward for themselves.

Responsibilities of the freight dispatcher:

  • studying the schedule of movement of freight transport;

  • search for those wishing to carry out cargo transportation;

  • formation of the most advantageous offer for them;

  • conclusion of an Agreement for the provision of transport services;

  • organization of the transportation process;

  • maintaining communication with the driver of the vehicle;

  • supervising the delivery process at all stages of cargo transportation;

  • participation in resolving controversial situations.

It is clear that in the work of a transportation dispatcher, not only professional training is important, but also high personal qualities, such as: business acumen, activity, communication skills and the ability to win over the client to himself.