How many tons of cargo can transport truck?

How many tons of cargo can transport truck

A standard truck (tractor with semi-trailer) can carry no more than 22 tons of cargo. Now we will explain in detail why so much.
Inexperienced carriers and customers may wonder - how much does a trucktransport? There are also many questions of this kind on the Internet in various forums. I will try in this article to answer in detail the question - how many tons of cargo can a truck carry?
How much cargo can a truck carry?
First of all, you need to figure out what a “wagon” is. In public, a wagon is called a tractor with a standard semi-trailer, which has dimensions of 13.6 x 2.5 x 2.5 (length-width-height). The most popular semi-trailers with us are SCHMITZ, KRONE, KOGEL, WIELTON, KASSBOHRER. Surely many of you have seen such a train.
Now let's figure out how much cargo a truck can carry. According to the Traffic Regulations of Ukraine (paragraph 22.5) and the Rules for the transport of oversized cargo, the total actual mass of the train will not exceed 38 tons.

How many tons of cargo can transport truck
We will carry out small calculations. As a rule, the tractor (“head”) weighs 7-7.5 tons, and the semi-trailer also weighs about 7.5 tons (it all depends on the vehicle model). Thus, the total weight of the tractor and the empty semi-trailer is 14-15 tons. From this, it indicates that the truck cantransport from 23 (38 - 15) to 24 (38 - 14) tons of cargo.
However, the permissible axle load must also be taken into account. According to the same traffic regulations of USA, the maximum permissible load on a single axle should not exceed 11 tons, on a dual axis - 16 tons, on a axle - 22 tons (for container ships, the load on a single axis is 11 tons, dual axes - 18 tons, built ones 24 tons).
Axes are considered to be double or built if the distance between them does not exceed 2.5 meters.
As a rule, a standard semi-trailer has three axles, so no more than 22 tons of cargo can be transported in it, otherwise, there will be an overload, which leads to the imposition of fines. As the auto train will not pass weight control.

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